When choosing flooring, it is extremely important that you choose the finish which is best suited to you and your home, alongside your preferred visual look. 

Hardwood finishes can determine whether the floor is natural and silky with a smooth texture or, a contrasting timber which is distressed with a rough feel. Unless unfinished, where you can personally choose a surface finish once the floor is installed in your home, all other types of flooring we supply have one or two finishes which is added by the manufacturer.

Harbour Grey herringbone, 4/18 x 92 x 150mm
Herringbone Oak Flooring

Oiled vs UV Oiled Wood Flooring

Oiled and UV Oiled flooring is where the wood fibres are covered in oil to harden the flooring, offering a protection whilst nourishing the timber and keeping the natural colours of the wood intact, whilst revealing the natural beauty of the wood grains.

This is often applied by the manufacturer and sold oiled, however, it is recommended to apply a clear oil to your floor once installed, to revive the grains and natural beauty of the wood whilst protecting the surface.

UV oiled flooring differs to ordinary oiled timber as the oil is cured with UV light which creates a silky finish and offers added protection.

Oiled Wood Floor
Oiled Wood Floor
UV Oiled Wood Floor
UV Oiled Wood Floor

Lacquered Oak Wood Flooring

Lacquered flooring provides a sound barrier of protection to your floor, is harder wearing and suitable in areas with more traffic, therefore, ideal in commercial environments.

During the manufacture process, between 5-7 coats of lacquer go into each board, before UV light cures the wood, allowing it to be sanded back and finished with a final layer of lacquer.

The visual appearance of these types of floors are stunning, with satin finishes providing a glossy and smooth look, or if a subdued finish is preferred, a matt lacquered flooring is also extremely appealing.

The distinctive feature of a lacquered flooring is the smooth texture it creates.

Wood Flooring

Brushed Wood Flooring

A brushed floor is a popular option for many who want flooring which displays an authentic appearance and has an instant ‘wow’ factor.

The look is achieved by moving a rotary steel wire brush over the surface of the wood to create a textured finish, done by removing the softer grains of wood which creates character and acquires texture to the boards, exposing the wood’s natural qualities and charm.

A brushed floor can come either lacquered or oiled.


Smoked Wood Flooring

A smoked finish to a floor occurs when the wood is placed in a kiln and exposed to ammonia fumes, resulting in the wood becoming denser and hardwearing whilst visually, deepening in colour on the surface.

The finish of the flooring depends on the pre-smoked timber but can range from a gold colour with rich, dark tones to deep browns and blacks.

A brushed floor can come either lacquered or oiled.

Smoked Wood Flooring

Distressed Flooring

Vintage wood flooring is a style of wood flooring where the boards are made to look aged through distressing the timber, either by hand or being mechanically aged, to visualise a wear and tear effect.

Often a popular choice by those looking for reclaimed effect flooring as it is much cheaper than reclaimed wood whilst also being readily available.

Vintage flooring gives a uniqueness to the boards which expresses much character.

Distressed Oak Flooring

Sawn Wood Flooring

Our Sawn boards are perfect for those who want a truly rough appearance to their flooring.

So natural and raw, it is almost as if the boards have been sawn in front of you, creating a beautiful texture made for any setting.

Sawn Wood

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed timber offers exclusivity.  By choosing a reclaimed wood flooring, you are bringing a piece of history into your home which has its own personal story, as can be witnessed through the beauty of the details in the floor. Reclaimed wood flooring offers an added sense or durability and strength as the timber is sourced from mature trees which in-turn, allows the floor to become stronger. Reclaimed wood flooring is also environmentally friendly by reusing timber which had other purposes previously whilst also being ethically sourced.

Dark wood flooring

Unfinished Wood Flooring

An unfinished flooring offers our customers with a blank canvas to work from.

As the floor is only treated and dried, it is raw and does not have any finishes, allowing customers the freedom to add own touches and finishes, whether that be a clear finish to keep the boards looking natural, or adding colour, it is completely up to them.

Unfinished Oak Flooring
Unfinished Oak