Stauf multilayer MS polymer

Ideal for under floor heating (UFH)

Special features

  • elastically deformable
  • excess adhesive easy to remove
  • water and solvent-free, no wood swelling
  • very well spreadable
  • particularly suitable for multiple layer wood flooring
  • very good thread formation

Suitable for installation of

multiple layer wood flooring according to DIN EN 13489

Suitable subfloors

concrete C 25 / 30 according to DIN 1045 (non-skid surface)

calcium sulphate (flow) floors

mastic asphalt screed, only after priming with STAUF VEP 195

STAUF levelling compounds for wood flooring

chipboards (P4 to P7), OSB boards (OSB/2 to OSB/4) and cement floors

Product properties

  • ageing-resistant
  • suitable on subfloor heating systems
  • not sensitive to frost
  • very good thread formation
  • fast setting

Open time: Approx. 30 minutes at 20 °C


After approx. 24 hours

Grinding/polishing: after 24 hours

Room climate at work site: minimum 15 °C, maximum 75% rel. humidity, preferably max. 65%

Shelf-life: 12 months